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Bespoke Mustangs built to your requirments

We build and maintain classic Ford Mustangs, that's it, period. It's our passion. There's nothing quite like the feeling of a car arriving in a bad way and finally seeing it leave under it's own power with the owner smiling from one ear to the other.


One mans meat is another mans poison as they say, what many would scrap we rebuild, and in our mind absolutely nothing is un-restorable, and you can believe us when we say we've had some bad cars to work with. 


A full on restoration or a modern "Restomod" it matters not, you own the cars and they should be built the way you want them, not the way we want them, that would be boring.


1964.5 to 1973 Mustangs are what we do, be it a convertible, Coupe or Fastback, either way the possibilities are endless restricted only by your imagination. Go on, start to imagine the way "your" Mustang will look and how it will drive, it's closer than you think.


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